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Roller cassette fly screen door

Roller cassette fly screen doors are a very neat way of screening modern UVPC doorways where the locking handle may obstruct a conventional screen. The mesh is held in a sprung cassette at the sides and held close to the door frame by the side guides. The cassette can be mounted as a single or double door depending on the width of the doorway. Wher a double door is installed one of the fly screen doors can be held with small drop bolts whilst opening and closing the other door with the magnetic strip. We supply the doors in white or brown aluminium cassette as standard although we will colour match any Ral colour and powder coat the cassette as a special order. This door is ideal for conservatories and sun rooms, allowing easy access in and out to the garden.

roller cassette fly screen door


We offer a full installation service for all our fly screen window and doors. This installation charge will be included in the cost of the fly screen. All screens are quoted prior to any work being carried out.

Fly screen windows and doors can be supplied ready made for installation by you or your company. Screens would be made to sizes given to us, packed and sent out by carrier. For those who want to assemble their own screens we offer a selection of ready made kits or are happy to assemble kits as a special order.

The colour of most of our aluminium frame and cassettes are white or brown as standard. For confirmation of this please check the individual product. Aluminium can be powder coated to any colour as a special order. Please request this service.